Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Current Crush: Velvet Arm Chairs

My current desk chair is a chair that was passed down to me from my uncle, who inherited it from my grandparents. I love the chair but the fabric is truly ugly (my uncle had it reupholstered in an ugly blue 90's fabric when he inherited it). Lately i've been thinking about getting it professionally reupholstered so of course i've been browsing Pinterest for inspiration. While I love bold trendy patterned fabrics, I feel like I should go with a solid fabric that will stand the test of time. So of course, i've gravitated towards velvet, because well ... what's more chic than a velvet armchair?

Here are a few velvet armchairs that make my heart swoon:


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hidden Gems

Do you ever come across a website and think "how come I didn't know about this sooner?" This has happened to me TWICE this week. I thought i'd share these gems that i've come across and a few of my favourite things from the sites... PS. I'm sure you guys know ALL about these sites already, i'm clearly super late to everything. 

SITE 1- Land of Nod:

Can we talk about how adorable Land of Nod is? I don't even have children and I still want to buy EVERYTHING. I briefly looked at Land of Nod a few months ago but I really didn't absorb it's greatness then so this was a rediscovery. 

I tried to order these sheets, however the shipping to Canada was pretty pricey (sad face). 

 Who doesn't need a donut rug?

I also LOVE these mod storage baskets:

Anyone who is having a baby should probably get this Little Golden Books Lion Banner, everything is just TOO cute. 

SITE 2- Dot & Bo. What I love about this site is that you can shop different curated looks. Here are a few of my favourites from the site:

Click the pictures to be linked to the item!

How cool are these shelfs? Plus they come in a bunch of different colours.

I really love this book shelf, especially the colour of it. 

 And of course I can't resist a pink chair.