Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thrifter's Remorse

Do you ever come home from thrifting and immediately regret not buying something? Ya, me too. 

Today I came across this cabinet for $12... it would have made a cute bookshelf or bar:

 I decided to leave it because it had a chip missing and someone had scribbled on the top in pen. Also it was laminate. BUT when I got home I realized that I could have filled in the chip and painted it and it would have been beautiful... I'm thinking I could have done something inspired by this:

I also came across a HBC blanket, which is the most quintessential Canadian item. They were selling it for $199 which is about half off of the retail price. I don't like the idea of thrifting blankets but then I saw this on Pinterest when I got home:

I'm definitely regretting the decisions I made today. Thrifter's remorse is a real thing guys.

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