Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Redecorating Prep 101

Now that it's spring, i'm having a very difficult time resisting the urge to redecorate. It's been about 8 years since I painted my bedroom and while I still think it's pretty, I feel like it no longer represents who I am today. Your space should inspire you and mine no longer does that. 

However, before I even think about getting my hands on a paint brush, preparations must be made. I thought i'd share with you, my tips for preparing to redecorate.

1. Rearrange your space. 

Before you decide to invest money into a complete redo, try rearranging your furniture. It might just be the change that you need in your space. 

2. Downsize.

A room feels so much newer and fresher when you get rid of the clutter that you no longer need. Plus, it makes way for new decor that could really set the tone in your new space. I make a sell pile and a donate pile when i'm downsizing. When i'm deciding if I should keep something, I ask myself:

"Does this item have a purpose/ serve it's purpose?"
"Do I still love this item as much as I did when I bought it?"
"Will I REALLY miss this item if I part with it?"

Questions like that... you get the picture.  

3. Seek Inspiration Online.

This is an obvious one. Check out Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs! I have an embarrassing amount of photos saved onto my phone and computer of spaces that inspire me. 

4. Go Window Shopping.

Whether it's online shopping or shopping in person, go out there and get inspired! I love going to fabric stores and thrift stores to find inspiration. Whether its a piece of fabric, a painting or a piece of furniture, a simple item can inspire a whole room. 

5. Create a Vision.

This is where your window shopping and online inspiration collides. Create a mood board, Pinterest board, draw pictures, make lists! Let the creative juices flow. Or if you don't like to redecorate, go seek out a professional and bring your vision with you.  

6. Pick up Paint Swatches & Samples.

You've probably done this already, but if you haven't, go to the paint store and get swatches. I like to tape different swatches to the wall and leave them there for a few days. Once i've decided on a colour (or even if i'm torn between a couple), I like to buy a sample pod and test it out. Colours always look totally different once they're on the wall. Don't be afraid to change your mind a few times too!

7. Create a Budget.

Whether it's a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand, create a realistic budget before you dish out any money. 

Your house/ space should be a reflection of your personality. If you aren't inspired by the vision that you've created, then tweak it until you love it! If you take your time, enjoy yourself and fun then your space will reflect that. 

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