Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kijiji 101

I am a total Kijiji junkie. I spend so much time browsing furniture on it. I recently discovered the Vintage feed, which is now my favourite thing to search. For anyone who doesn't live in Canada... Kijiji is basically our Craig's list (we also have Craig's list but it's not as popular). Kijiji is such a great resource for anyone wanting a great deal or anyone wanting to de-clutter their house and make a little money. So as a veteran Kijiji buyer and seller I thought i'd share some of my wisdom. 

Selling on Kijiji:

DO: Price your item responsibly. I hate to break it to you, but you aren't going to get $800 for a ten year old used sofa, price your items so they will sell. 
DON'T: Sell yourself short, you want to make some money. Unless you really don't care and just want the item out of your house. 
DO: Include a picture in your listing. I don't think i've ever looked at a listing that didn't have a picture, what's the point?
DO: Take a clear picture in daylight. I've been eyeing up this dresser but because the picture isn't the best quality, I can't really tell what kind of condition the dresser is in. 

(ps. if this is your picture, I apologize for insulting your photo. You have a beautiful dresser.)

DO: Stage your item, make it look appealing to buyers. 
DON'T: Forget to write a description of the item, include the condition of the item, measurements, colour and some selling points like the original price. If it's an antique try to include the maker/approximate date it was made. 
DON'T: Say call only. You might deter potential buyers. Including an email address is always a good idea. 
DON'T: Let a person in your house if you feel uncomfortable. The same thing goes if you are a buyer, don't enter someones house if you don't feel safe. Meeting in public is always an option for smaller items. 
DO: Move your large item to your garage (if you have one), it's easier for pick up. It's a good idea if you don't feel comfortable having people in your house. 
DO: List items, even if you don't think anyone will want them! I listed a pool pump that I was going to throw away and I had 5 people respond in one day!
DO: Remove your ad once it's sold.

Buying on Kijiji:

DON'T: Be afraid to haggle. When i'm selling items i'll usually make a deal with the buyer. However don't make such a low offer that it's offensive. 
DO: Bring cash and make sure you have the right amount. 
DON'T: Waste the seller's time. Respond quickly to emails or texts. Ugh, I had a buyer who said they would come pick an item up one day and I waited around all day for them only to have them respond the next day saying they couldn't make it. Be respectful of the seller's time. 
DO: Bring someone with you to pick the item up if you are picking it up from the seller's house. Just for safety reasons, or to help carry the item out (if it's big). 
DO: Be polite. Seriously. If you are rude to me in an email I probably won't sell you the item. 

Do you have any tips for selling on Kijiji or Craigslist? I'd love to hear them!

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