Friday, January 9, 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great week. My week was very hectic so i'm very thankful that it's Friday already. The beginning of my week began pretty rocky, my boyfriend had to get his appendix removed so I spent quite a lot of time at the hospital.  I spent the rest of the week working (so exciting). I have a total of two pictures on my phone from the week ... which is super rare, I usually take a ton throughout the week. I don't even have five highlights from my week... that's how lame my week was. Anyways, I scrapped together a couple of highlights from my week, High four for Friday anyone??

1. My best friend went back home on Monday so on Sunday we went out for frozen yogurt (despite the minus 40 temperature) and then went bowling. I somehow managed to win. 

2. I started a yoga class this week. I signed up for a 10am class... i'm definitely the youngest person there by about 20 years. Which is okay, because I feel like there's less pressure this way. 

3. I ordered a polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch last week off Amazon so I was happy to see it arrive yesterday. Today I took it for a quick spin at the gym. The chest strap is a little tight but other than that no complaints!

4. I discovered the podcast Serial this week (I know i'm super late to discover it). I listened to all 12 episodes in about 2 days. I've told all my friends to listen to it, I need to discuss it with someone!! Also i'd really like to find another interesting podcast to listen to, please let me know if you have any favourites. 

Anyways I hope that next week i'll actually have 5 highlights and I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay warm!


  1. I've been looking into the Polar watches or something similar!

    Thanks for linking up with H54F!

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  2. I don't know why I haven't listened to the serial podcasts yet. I hear they are fantastic - and you're just reminding me that I need to do this!

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with H54F! Hope to see you again this Friday!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. I need to start listening to podcasts as well. I would love to take a yoga class. I wish they offered them close to home. Thank you so much for linking up to High Five for Friday!!!

    Della@Della Devoted