Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Very Vintage Christmas Village

I know, I know, it's too early to be talking about Christmas. However winter just arrived in a BIG way this past week and while snow looks very pretty, it is terrible and cold (can't you tell that i'm not a winter person?). Anyways, for me the thought of Christmas is the only thing that gets me through the end of the year... and then the thought of Summer gets me through the rest of the winter. Lately i've been crushing on vintage christmas villages so I thought i'd share some inspiration. 

First off, I came across these cute christmas village pieces on Etsy which are sold by MB Vintage Outlet... Can someone please buy me these?

Vitamini Handmade made these super cute Dip-Dyed Bottle Brush trees... which you can find here

If you need more tree inspiration, Fynes Designs made a bunch of neat trees here made these amazing Mid Century Modern house. I definitely need to make these... and there is even a pattern for them which you can find here.  

I keep seeing these little Cars with Christmas Trees on them... they don't seem too hard to make... The Pink Couch made a super cute one. 

Or if you are lazy you can just buy one at Target... I actually saw the camper ornament at Target this weekend and I was so tempted to buy it.  

Anyways, that's all folks. I might actually attempt to make my own little village so i'll keep you posted on that!

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