Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Furniture Redesign Plan: Kitchen Table

Yesterday I received my first "big" piece of furniture for my future place. Even though it is second hand, it is nice to have a kitchen table for when I decide to move out.   

Here is a super terrible picture of the table and chairs in the midst of a move:

While it is a nice table, i'm not a huge fan of that colour of wood. I have two options to change the colour:

Option one- Sand/Strip the finish and then stain and varnish. Depending on my future place I could either go lighter or darker... i'm however leaning towards a light stain. 

Option two- Chalk paint the entire table white and then wax it. Have you guys heard of chalk paint? I just discovered it last night and was up to 3am reading about it. It seems pretty amazing.  Some people do a light sand before applying the paint, however many just paint right onto the piece without sanding. The only thing that I wouldn't do is distress it, I just want a nice matte finish. I'm really interested in Annie Sloan chalk paint, however there are no stores in Winnipeg that sells the stuff (sad face). So I may just have to make my own... Pinterest has lots of different recipes for chalk paint. 

The next part of my redesign plan is to recover the chair seats. I love white, however these seats are a little dingy and need some tlc. Last night I also discovered the amazing website Spoonflower ( was a good night). I fell in love with this designer's fabrics.  

Option one- Chevron Stripe Mint


Option two- Wild Ikat in Mint

Here are both of the fabrics in real life (SO ADORABLE): 

I'll keep you guys updated on my table redesign and I would love to hear about your experiences with Chalk paint or Spoonflower!

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