Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays

I had originally planned on posting this yesterday... however life got in the way, so let's just pretend that it's still Thursday. 

I hit up some of my favourite antique stores yesterday and came across quite a few treasures that I thought you'd share with you! 

The first antique store that I went to was Winnipeg Antiques & Collectables on 216 Princess Street, which by the way is closing this fall... so if you need any antique chairs, go now!

A chair that I fell in love with was this one... I think it would be super cute if it was painted a bright colour. I'm still debating going back for it and using it as my desk chair.

Another chair that I loved was this beauty.

He also had two of these lovely side tables...

Lastly, I saw this beauty hiding in the basement. I'm pretty sure it was just from the previous owner and was not for sale (however, that didn't stop me from admiring it). 

The next antique store that I went to was The Old House Revival Company (if you live in Winnipeg and you haven't been there, shame on you!). It's my absolute favourite antique store... I've never walked out of it empty-handed. 

I came across these picture frames that were four for $20!!

I was also in Pyrex heaven... I seriously had to restrain myself from buying them all. 

I also really loved this dresser. 

I was also sooo sad to leave without these containers. They were amazing but a little out of my budget. 

And lastly I had to resist buying these mugs (because I have way too many as it is). However i've been dreaming about them ever since... Maybe they will be there next time! 

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