Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

For all those who don't know, I live in (what I consider to be) one of the coldest places on earth. I keep seeing a picture on the internet that says "On January 1st, 2014, it was colder in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada than it was on Mars!" (it even reached -51 with the windchill this week..ugh). I gotta say that, for someone who hates winter more than anything else... its been a rough few months. So anyways, while hibernating inside i've been looking for some spring inspiration. Lately, i've been loving pink peonies and anything pink or gold. Here are my top picks to brighten up any space this winter:

 Heavens to Betsy print from Stephanie Creekmur on Etsy 

The Threshold spring collection from Target has a lot of super cute pieces right now, I especially love the Tufted Ottoman and Scalloped Wall Mirror.

 Bluebellgray pillows from (they're a bit of a splurge but they are oh so beautiful!)

Lastly, for something a little more vintage inspired, the Etsy store Fresh Pastry Stand has super cute and colourful items such as the 3 Tier Playful Cake Stand and Pink Pyrex tea towels.

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