Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lovely Prints

After setting up a new desk in my bedroom I noticed that one of my walls was lacking a little something something. WHICH basically means that I need a print for it. Prints are a super easy and cost efficient way to brighten up a wall and you can usually find cheap frames for them at places like Ikea or Target. After exploring Etsy I found SO many prints that I loved so I figured i'd share them with you!

The first print is by a shop called NeueGraphic... they currently have 20% off prints with the promo code 20XMAS. 

(i'm a sucker for typography)

The second print that I found comes from the Etsy store handz. They also have a promo of 10% off with the code RESTYLED. 

I gotta say that this is one of my favourite stores on Etsy. All of their prints are super adorable and so many of them have a retro/mid century vibe to them. They also have lots of cute prints for kitchens. 

Next, if you are looking for an even cheaper and faster option, the Etsy store BlackAndWhitePosters sells digital copies of their prints.

(I especially love the last one... plus you could print it any size you want)

Lastly, I came across the store The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy. I'm such a fan of her prints, they're so colourful and whimsical. Her prints are my top choice... however it's going to be hard deciding on which print of hers I love the most. 

( was hard narrowing it down to four, never mind just one!)

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